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Left untreated can lead to other health risks such as Diabetes, Stoke, High Blood Pressure and Heart Failure. 

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The CPAPstand with tube support was designed from the passion to help others have a better experience with PAP therapy. As a Respiratory Therapist, I have helped many clients over the years adjust to PAP therapy. Not until I became a PAP user myself did I fully understanding the challenges with adjusting to the therapy. The number one complaint I would hear from PAP users is the mask discomfort and leaks.

With the use of the tube support on the CPAPstand, the weight of the tubing is taken off of the mask allowing for a better seal and comfort. This also helps users who develop discomfort on the bridge of the nose due to the weight of the tubing.  I no longer get caught up in my PAP tubing during the night or have it disrupt my sleep when I change position during the night.The tube support system is now available seperately for those individuals who only need the tube support arm.

 Over the years I have stated to clients, “I will not go one night without my PAP therapy”, now I will not go a night without my tube support. The tube support arm will improve your PAP experience.

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